Steps To Install Hadoop On Mac OS X In Pseudo-Distributed Mode

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Hadoop installation is supported in Standalone, Pseudo-Distributed, or Fully-Distributed Modes. This article is a guide to understand steps involved to install Hadoop on Mac OS X in Pseudo-Distributed Mode.

Quick Introduction

The pseudo-distributed mode of Hadoop lies between standalone mode and the fully distributed mode. It is useful to simulate an environment closer to production but on a smaller scale.

Similar to standalone mode Hadoop installed on pseudo-distributed mode runs on a single node. However, the difference is that all the Hadoop daemons run in separate java processes.


Installing java is one of the prerequisite for Hadoop installation also the latest Hadoop distributions would require minimum of Java 7 i.e., Java 1.7 to be installed.

The below command can be used to check what version of java is installed.

Output of the command must be similar to the below.

Installing Hadoop

Step 1 - Download Hadoop

  • Download any latest stable binary distribution of Hadoop from the Apache Hadoop site. At the time of writing the blog the latest version of Hadoop is hadoop-3.2.1

  • Move the downloaded tar.gz file to a desired location (In this case Install/Hadoop) and unpack the same.

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